20 Source Of Vitamin B1 Thiamine


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Bitter medicinal taste that also has analgesic like ibuprofen, when combined with vitamin Neurotropik (B1, B6, B12), its benefits more effectively. There is a wide range of B vitamins, but when it is intended to treat complaints about nerves, it is better to vitamin B1, B6, and B12.
These vitamins are very important for metabolism in the central nervous system and peripheral. From a number of research using Vitamin A NEUROTROPIK drug combined with analgesics/this bitter taste, shows a significant synergy in the process of regenerating nerves.
Vitamin B1 prevents the destruction caused by lead poison and prevents fluid retention associated with heart condition disorders. Vitamin B1 supplementation can help protect the body from metabolic imbalances resulting from alcohol consumption.
The condition of this vitamin B1 deficiency will cause interference to the digestive system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system. Also reduces vigilance, reflexes, capacity, fatigue, lethargic and lack of concentration. A vitamin B1 deficiency also had an impact on the growing irritation of the nerves, pain, numbness, burning like sensation in and cramps. If serious deficiencies, can continue on paralysis. Food sources for vitamin B1 include cereals, pasta, poultry, fish, soybeans, peas, egg yolks and red rice.
Vitamin B6 In addition, analgesic effects have also been used as a coenzyme in the conversion of tryptophan to niacin. This vitamin also serves as a coenzyme implicated in the metabolism of amino acids, glucose, and fatty acids as well as the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Pyridoxine, another name for vitamin B6, needed in the formation of red blood cells and the synthesis of fats in immune and nervous systems. Sources of vitamin B6 can be obtained from oats, bread, cereals, bananas, avocados, plum, tomato, milk, green vegetables.
Similarly, with vitamin B6, vitamin B12 is also necessary in the growth of normal red blood cells. Sianokonalamin, another term of vitamin B12, is also necessary for the conversion of Homosistein to methionine, and serves as a coenzyme involved in the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and myelin. Vitamin B12 is found in milk and products with gasoline, animal products, cereals and ready meals.

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